About Us

WANTOK.coffee is an online store that sells organic coffee products from Melanesian countries: West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to local, regional and global consumers.

WANTOK.coffee means the coffee of brotherhood (WANTOK), the coffee of freedom of association to live and to enjoy the sensation of spiritually-certified coffees.

Yes, we have a Standardized Mechanism and checklists of “Spiritually Certified Coffee”.

Drinking such a Spiritually Certified Coffee will

  • inspire new imaginations and thoughts
  • inspire new aspirations to live and of life.
  • take you to a new realm, called “spiritual realm”, where awake and sleeping worlds become one, time and space disappears and life and death, spirit and physical merges,


Wantok.Coffee lovers from the sip to inter-seep with spirits.

Which means to drink coffee and get the inspirations from the spirits that are already inside the coffee.


  • Promote and expose the spiritual aspect of a coffee and a ritual part of a coffee cup.
  • Serve spiritually certified coffee to fill consumers with spiritual benefits, .

Our Ethics

We provide services for human beings, humans who are willing to awaken their spiritual life, and the contacts to spirit worlds.


In this anthropocentric and materialistic world that is fully controlled by physical and logical explanations and sensations, we bring the spiritual aspect into coffee drink, by honest and justly processing the coffee, and by filling life (spirits) into the coffee.

Our previous experience in producing and selling organic and fair-trade products, we realized that the world today not only need environmentally and socio-politically certified coffee, but more importantly the Coffee World needs Spiritually Certified Coffees in order to help our humanity to awaken the dead spirits and the brain-based life into spirit and heart-led human community.