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“WANTOK.coffee” is stablished with a mission to make as many coffee lovers in the world as possible taste and enjoy the New Guinea Specialty Coffee (from West Papua and Papua New Guinea).

“WANTOK.coffee” is dedicated to  to fill the gap between tens of organic and specialty coffee products available in New Guinea Island that the world rarely knows and only a few enjoy the delicacy and specialty of Coffee Products from this second largest island on earth.

“WANTOK.coffee” literally means “one talk”, which means one language, one people, one culture, one people.  ,

Socio-linguistically “WANTOK.coffee” in “Pidgin English” means “brotherhood Coffee”.

Socio-culturally, when you drink “WANTOK.coffee”, you automatically become part of our us: our family members, our allies, our friends, our clans, our tribesperson, our family colleagues, in our work to

  1. acknowledge,
  2. protect, and
  3. promote

the Wantok System for life and living for all communities of beings on thsi planet Earth.

Tok PIsin is spoken across Melanesian countries (West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky or New Caledonia)

For local buyers across Melanesia, “WANTOK.coffee” is established to narrow and finally abolish the grab and go coffee and the delicate specialty coffee shop, by offering fresh roasted single origin / specialty coffee direct to your table.

By doing the home and office delivery through online channel, we aim to shorten the complicated, and pricey coffee supply chain, and providing the best value coffee to your cup. In this way, all Coffee WANTOKS who are passionate about coffee can enjoy this wonderful drink more & more … hopefully everyday!!!

Wantok Coffee
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