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Goroka Coffee The Taste of Paradise 8 x 250g gift box

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$47.50 $45.25

You can choose any stocked 8 x 250g Ground coffee to be packed into this beautifully presented 2KG Gift Box by sending us a message with your order or by contacting us prior to ordering. No additional Fee applies to custom orders. If not specified, we will include 2 of each variety by default.

A big bodied, bracing espresso, with brandy and tobacco flavours.

  • Country : Papua New Guinea
  • Region : Goroka
  • Processing Method : Wet Process
  • Drying Method : Sun Dried
  • Altitude : 1,600 metres

$47.50 $45.25


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It has delicate caramel to chocolate undertones and is great for all day drinking.

Cultivated in the remote Highlands where small village and land holders have developed a sustainable high quality yield of Organic coffee. These 100% Arabica beans, like all of our range, are hand-picked and sun dried.

As a high altitude grown Arabica, Paradise Gold is naturally low in caffeine and is medium roasted. This coffee has a sweet and fruity base, is medium bodied, with a full flavour on the palate and a very clean finish. This coffee has been certified organic by NASAA.

What is the Taste of Paradise?

With an established reputation for over 50 years, Goroka Coffee is PNG’s premier coffee roaster. Its distinctive retail and gift packs have been part of everyone’s luggage when departing Goroka or its capital Port Moresby.

Goroka Coffee is located 5,000 feet above sea level in the eastern highlands of PNG, four hours from the port city of Lae and one hour by plane from Port Moresby.

The rich volcanic soils, sub-tropical climate and fresh mountain air provide perfect growing conditions to grow high quality arabica coffee. Typica, bourbon and blue mountain varieties are grown under shade trees, hand picked when ripe, pulped, washed and sun dried.

Goroka Coffee Roasters plays an important part of the greater community by providing employment, downstream processing the predominantly exported raw coffee and supporting a variety of community projects.

GCR supports small holder growers and plantation coffee producers and pays a premium price for high quality coffee cherry. This whole process ensures that a far greater return is achieved for local growers, producers and the region. Fair Trade at its best!

Additional Information

is a boutique coffee company specialising in the supply of both green and roasted premium quality arabica coffee beans sourced from Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands

It produces some of the world’s best arabica coffee thanks to the rich soils, high elevation, and mild year round climate. Thousands of communities in the Papua New Guinea highlands depend on coffee farming for their livelihood.

The beans are single sourced and organically grown in small village based in the Eastern Highlands.

Only tree ripened cherries are handpicked and transported to a processing facility in Goroka, the provincial capital. There , they are carefully fermented after removal of the skin of the cherry. A strictly controlled sun-drying operation follows to achieve an optimal moisture content 10 per cent. Next, the inner hull is removed exposing the green bean. The final step is a meticulous sorting process to ensure quality and consistency before packaging and shipping.

This carefully designed quality control procedure retains the naturally occurring acid levels and highlights the intense and complex flavoursome body of this organically grown coffee. Our process preserves all of the inherent rich chocolate nutty and caramel undertones.

Great on a Stove top coffee maker or Espresso machine either black or milk based.

Specification: Goroka Coffee The Taste of Paradise 8 x 250g gift box

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Goroka Coffee The Taste of Paradise 8 x 250g gift box
Goroka Coffee The Taste of Paradise 8 x 250g gift box

$47.50 $45.25

Wantok Coffee
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