Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Ground, 100% Pure, Perfectly Medium Roasted and Ground – 8 Ounces

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Are you a coffee addict and love to have a delicious taste with a perfect aroma? Looking for something to fulfill your craving for a perfect morning coffee mug?
Plantation Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee can help you with that.

Exotic Quality:
Our exquisite and fresh coffee ground is made from handpicked and 100% pure and high-quality Jamaican coffee beans. The Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans are passed through a proper processing system to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product to our customers.

Rich Flavor:
The Jamaican blue coffee beans are moderately roasted before packing to preserve their flavor. This finely processed Jamaican ground coffee has is highly rich in flavor with balanced taste free of bitterness.

Well-Preserved Freshness:
The Jamaican ground coffee is immediately preserved in vacuum bags right after the roasting process. The Jamaican coffee is immediately processed and delivered to you to take as low time as possible between roasting and brewing to give you as fresh taste as possible. Brewing at home or office, you will tell the difference between our rich blue mountain coffee compared to other brands.

Appropriate Size:
This 8 ounces package of Jamaican roasted coffee ground is sufficient to brew 25 to 30 rich flavored cups of the exotic coffee.

Suitable For All:
Whether you are brewing a coffee pot at home to have a perfect morning coffee cup or at the office for evening break, the perfect taste of the blue mountain coffee grounds is suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Perfect Balance: This Jamaican coffee blue mountain ground has a perfect balance of the sweet aroma, rich flavor and moderate brightness, which makes it the perfect choice for coffee lovers. The medium roasted coffee beans with their fine quality give the natural flavor of the exquisite premium coffee.
Well Preserved: The blue mountain coffee grounds are freshly roasted and vacuum packed in high-quality foil bags, providing you with exceptional freshness and original flavor. The foil bags have one-way valves that preserve the freshness and aroma of your Jamaican coffee grounds.
Fresh Delivery: Our blue mountain coffee is freshly roasted and immediately preserved to secure the rich aroma and exclusive flavor. The freshly processed coffee ground is delivered to our customers to assure minimum time between roasting and brewing.
Content: 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – Not A Blend

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Ground, 100% Pure, Perfectly Medium Roasted and Ground – 8 Ounces


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