Kavafied AluBall Kava Maker, Noni Green

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Product Description

The World’s First Kava Maker

Kava Making Innovation 

Before the AluBall, Kava Root Beverages were made in a manual, messy, and tedious process.  Equipped with the patent pending AluBall Kava Making technology, Kava Kava root drinks can be made in an efficient, sanitary, and mess-free way.  Having a stressful day at the office?  No problem.  The AluBall will help you make a batch of Kava in seconds rather than minutes. The AluBall Kava Maker Ball life expectancy is 2-3 months before needing a replacement ball.


Easily make a cup of Kava with the Patent Pending AluBall and method.

Making Kava is now as simple as making a protein shake.  Simply add 1-2 tbsp of Kava root powder to the AluBall.  Add water to the bottle.  Shake for at least 30 seconds.  Serve and Bula.



It’s Not Just Kava, It’s A Lifestyle!

Traditional Tongan Design Inspired Packaging

The AluBall Kava Maker packaging gives you a glimpse into the rich culture of the South Pacific that goes far beyond Kava.

Relaxation on the go.

Make your World a stress-free one with Kava always by your side.  From work to play, drinking Kava on the go is easy with the AluBall Kava Maker. 

Other uses include:

Cold brewing Coffee
Cold brewing Tea
Flavoring water

AluBall Brewing Ball Included


Kava Shell Cap

Rounded Bottom

Eastman Tritan Material

Bottle Capacity

10x Faster Than Traditional Kava Brewing. The AluBall makes kava in less than 60 seconds. That is 10x faster than the traditional method which can take up to 10 minutes.
A Patent Pending Method and Design for making Kava root drink
Stainless Steel Kava Strainer Mesh brews the perfect cup of kava every time. Works with all types of Kava root powders.
For best performance, change AluBall Kava Maker ball every 2-3 months

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Kavafied AluBall Kava Maker, Noni Green


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